The Road to Six Figures Challenge

The Road to Six Figures Challenge

I would like to start a new ongoing challenge that I hope will provide value to everyone who come across me and my businesses.

My name is TraVal Shanklin and I am the owner of Entrepreneur Millionaire and Shanklin Technology.

I am no where near earning six figures, so I hope this challenge will inspire other males, females, white, black, hispanic, asian, college students, college dropouts, high school dropouts, middle aged folk, and old folk to follow their dreams no matter the circumstance.

If a young African-American male from Lake Charles, LA can cross six figures through owning his own businesses, what is stopping you? I have came along way from the city boy who wanted to be a pro basketball player than an engineer.

By high school, I thought I had my entire life planned out until senior year of high school. I woke up one day thinking about why I was still playing basketball for my high school. BeingĀ a 5 foot six inch point guard who couldn’t do anything great besides shooting the basketball bothered me. I began to play out scenarios in my head about my future.

On one hand, I can continue to pursue basketball. On the other hand, I can look at my other options. I always excelled at school, so I knew becoming an engineer was a great plan. I could live comfortably, have a nice retirement in about 40 years, and relax. For some reason, waiting 40 years to fully experience life didn’t excite me.

Through Googling and YouTubing, I stumbled upon entrepreneurship. It’s funny because looking back, I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was. My parents didn’t really talk about business ownership, so I had no idea that when I was trying to make money by reselling things that was a basic form of entrepreneurship.

The more I researched being an engineer while simultaneously working my first job, I knew that i didn’t want to have a boss. I wanted to have freedom and be wealthy at a young age. So, around the time I started selling things on eBay, I dedicated hours to working on my personal development.

Hoped you liked a quick rundown of my story, thank you for reading!


The Road to Six Figures Challenge

For the challenge, my life will pretty much be an open book. I will discuss finances, my experiences, and my obstacles/setbacks I have to overcome. I really would like to make it a daily thing, but we’ll see how this goes.

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