Entrepreneur Millionaire

The Road to Financial Freedom

Quoted from the Founder & CEO of Entrepreneur Millionaire:

When IĀ first stumbled into entrepreneurship, the thought of working for myself caught my attention. The concept of value and how you are paid by the value you bring to the marketplace replaced all the years of working in school just to get a job. I thought about my job as a bagger at Kroger and how I was getting paid minimum wage, because I wasn’t that valuable to the market.

Along with that, not having to take orders from anyone made me happy. No one can fire me from Entrepreneur Millionaire because I own 100%. I can work whenever I want, wherever I want, and how long I want. If I am going to put in 12 hour days, I rather be working for myself than a company that is paying me a small fraction of the value I am bringing to them. Working more for myself than for someone else has brought the highest amount of happiness even in times when I haven’t earned a dime.

The mission of Entrepreneur Millionaire is to help 100,000 individualss achieve financial freedom by first becoming an entrepreneur then becoming an entrepreneur millionaire. Financial freedom is when you no longer have to work and you have the freedom to buy what you want, go where you want, and experience what you want. It is a level that many people will never see and if they do see it, it is at a time when it is too late to fully enjoy their freedom.

My personal goals are to become financially independent by 27 (7 years from now with investible assets of $3,000,000) and to become financially free by 30 (investible assets of $5,000,000). To achieve these goals, I have to be consistent in creating multiple streams of income for myself which will allow me to earn more, keeping a savings rate of at least 50% as my income grows, and watching my spending rates along the way.

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