Why I built Entrepreneur Millionaire

Why I built Entrepreneur Millionaire

Why did I build Entrepreneur Millionaire?

Having a little bit of success makingĀ  ~$1,000 per month on eBay as a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to create something else, like a platform for me to talk about entrepreneurship.

All my life, it felt like I was being pushed to go down this one path of going to school to get good grades –> go to college –> graduate college –> get a good job —> save for 40 years —-> retire. It wasn’t until I was 17 when I realized hey, what if I try this other route with me being a businessman. No one in my family was talking about it, but as I began to research and experience it myself, I fell in love.

My senior year of high school, I quit my basketball team because I felt it was taking me away from what I had a chance to make a real impact in. I was about 5 foot 6, great at shooting, but lacked in hops, speed, and defensive ability. My only talent was shooting, but I knew with taller individuals I would constantly get overlooked which I’ve been experiencing all my life.

With business, the market doesn’t care how tall, how fat, or what you look like, if you have a great product and/or a great way to promote that product/service you can have a major impact on the world. In basketball, you can have limitations such as not being tall enough or not being big enough. Your attitude, your work ethic and how smart you work are all limitations you are in control of. You are directly in control of how successful you can become. Yes, some individuals may have a head start on you by starting a lemonade stand at 12 or may have the genes of an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the success you want to achieve.

Never Settle

It may take longer than you expected, but you have a high chance of reaching those targets in business than working for someone else. This is why I started Entrepreneur Millionaire, I enjoyed reading about successful businessman and applying what they have learned with my experiences in business. Each day, I learn new things running Entrepreneur Millionaire and Shanklin Technology.

With the internet, I can easily message on LinkedIn or e-mail a successful entrepreneur for advice on building my businesses into highly profitable and successful ones. Google and YouTube combined with action can also take your pursuits to the next level as well.

My main goal with Entrepreneur Millionaire was and still is to provide a platform to empower others to chase their dreams through business ownership and entrepreneurship.

We’re 2 years in with a long way to go!

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