The Road to Six Figures Challenge Week 13

The Road to Six Figures Challenge Week 13

Welcome to The Road to Six Figures Challenge Week 13!

The Six Figures Challenge is a challenge created by entrepreneur, TraVal Shanklin, to document his journey of earning six figures from scratch through business ownership.

Accepting Responsibility

Part of being a real adult is accepting responsibility¬†for your actions. It’s easy to blame your parents, your friends, or anyone else. The truth is: blaming anyone else besides yourself isn’t going to fix any problems. Once you accept that it’s your fault, then you can take the right amount of actions to improve your circumstances. It’s important that you take full responsibility first. The ability to will your way through certain situations will serve you well forever.

In business, real estate, and stocks there are going to be times where you run low of money or nearly go broke. Taking responsibility means adjusting your lifestyle, picking up a regular job, anything to stay in the game. Spend no time blaming your parents for not being rich. Blaming them only takes time from important activities, such as changing your circumstances. Your mindset must be completely different from what you have right now. A person who makes things happen may go through periods of struggle but will be better off in the long run. A person who blames everyone will never improve their situation unless other people donate them money. Almost every situation requires responsibility, then action to improve your life.

Don’t be a person who never takes responsibility. Be a person who takes full responsibility for his/her current circumstances and takes massive actions to change them.

This Past Week

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