The Road to Six Figures Challenge: Day 12

The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 12

Welcome to the Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 12!

The Six Figures Challenge is a challenge created by entrepreneur, TraVal Shanklin, to document his journey of earning six figures from scratch through business ownership.

Don’t Be Afraid

Business is scary. If you do not have any customers, you can go broke. Knowing this, don’t let the fear of going broke overshadow the reward. Too many people listen to their peers, parents, and friends who say they can’t do it. How do they know you can’t do it?

Can they predict the future? You do not know if your business will become successful, but I rather give it a try than not try at all. Yes, the fear of going broke is real, but it shouldn’t stop you from grinding every single day. If you woke up today, you have the ability to combat that fear by taking action. Not just any action, actions that contributes directly/indirectly to the attainment of your goals.

In college, you are shielded from the toughness of real-life either through parents, student loans, and financial aid. In the real-world, you have to earn every dollar. Every day it’s a battle and only the strong survive. The same competitors you have right now, many of them won’t be here in the next 5 years.

America is the land of opportunity and the land of broken dreams. To survive, you must work. Build a team that complements your skill-sets. Always be acquiring new customers, while building long-term relationships with current customers. Keep your vision and your overarching goal at the forefront of your mind as you face challenges and obstacles that arise.

When it gets tough, don’t give up. Think about ways you can adjust or pivot, then test it out. ┬áRemember, fear is real, but you can control how much you let it get to you.

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