The Road to Six Figures Challenge: Day 15

The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 15

Welcome to The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 15!

The Six Figures Challenge is a challenge created by entrepreneur, TraVal Shanklin, to document his journey of earning six figures from scratch through business ownership.

Tell People What You Do

When I first started Entrepreneur Millionaire, I didn’t tell anyone about it. If I could go back and change something, I would tell everyone about it. I expected people to find me by searching certain keywords, but completely disregarded potential local customers.

So, I pledged to myself when I start another brand I would tell people about it. Shanklin Technology was the next business I started and I made sure people would know about it. Friends, family, people I met at events. I began to look at it as every person I meet could be a potential connect, customer, or maybe even friend.

This is exactly how I got my first customer for Shanklin Technology. I told my Great Aunt what I was trying to do and didn’t even ask for her to tell people. You see, I had been solving my Aunt’s tech issues for about 6 months now and she didn’t even know about Entrepreneur Millionaire.

Friends of Family

A couple of days later, I get a call from an older lady asking if I could come fix her computer. Apparently, she was my Aunt’s friend and found out through my Aunt that I had experience with tech issues. I told her sure and scheduled a time to come and look at her computer.

Now, if I never told my Aunt what I was trying to do that would have never happened. I probably would have never fixed my Aunt’s friend computer. This is how you grow a business from scratch through word of mouth.

The first step is to tell people what you do. Some family members and friends will recommend you just because they love you and know you are authentic. The next step is to actually deliver the service and add your unique touch. With my Aunt’s friend, I answered any questions she had and had conversations with her to get to know her. This last sentence resulted in her calling me back multiple times to fix her computer.

Local Events

2 weeks ago I went to this event hosted by my college to listen to 2 businessmen talk about a good first impression and success. In my head, I’m thinking I have to tell these businessmen what I do. Both of the guys are successful in the Baton Rouge area, so I was a little nervous. I ended up sitting at the same table as both of the guys and the 7 of us began to talk to each other. 5 of the people at the table were in industry, 2 of the people were students including myself.

The 5 industry people asked the other student what his plans were and he talked about getting an engineering job after he graduates. Then, they asked me and I said I just started my own business and I plan on pursuing that after college. They began asking me questions on how I got started and gave me some ideas to grow it.

After the event, I made sure to thank the 2 businessmen and gave them my business cards. I got the phone number of one of them. Fast forward to last week, I get a phone call from a lady who says that she works for one of the businessmen who was at the event and was wondering if I can come and look at some computers.

Moral of the story: Tell everyone you know and meet what you do.

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