The Power of Writing Your Goals Down

Write your goals down everyday for 3 months.

I used to write my goals down once every couple days, very sporadically and was wondering why I wasn’t making leeway on what I wanted to accomplish. The problem was that I wasn’t focusing my attention on them constantly. One week I would only write my goals down twice, the next week I would write them down 3 times. I was very inconsistent.

If you aren’t writing them down, you probably aren’t thinking about them as much as you should. If you only think about your goals a few times per week, how are you staying focused on making them a reality.

For example, let’s say you want to make $1,500 per month in 3 months. Writing this down every morning and night will start shaping your day. During the day, you begin to think about your goals and what you can do to achieve them. This is a major point.

You want your goals to motivate you everyday to go and get it. If your goals don’t motivate you, you won’t achieve them. So, make sure you are creating goals that you truly want.

Writing it down makes it real. Instead of fantasizing of increasing your income to a certain level, you begin to find opportunities to actually do it. Now hopefully, your goals provoke you to take action. The actions you take will take you to the promised land.

The Role of Goals

The role of goals is to give you milestones and targets along the way to keep you motivated in achieving your life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose should be a big goal that you know will take you possibly a lifetime or longer to make happen. My life purpose is to help 100,000 African-Americans become Millionaires. I know it will take a long time for me to have the influence necessary to achieve my purpose and I’m okay knowing that.

On a daily level, I’m putting my hours in and moving at a quick pace without hurrying. However, on an impact level I’m continuing to push out content knowing it may take years for me to have the platform big enough to be seen as a highly influential person. I call this Quick Patience.

In the meantime, I’m building Shanklin Technology and Entrepreneur Millionaire into brands that I plan on keeping for a long time. I started these companies with no intent of selling them. My plan is to stick it out while doing whatever it takes to build brands that last forever.

I hope you can see the importance of writing your goals down on a daily basis. Now apply what I am telling you! Until next time, have a great weekend.

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