The Road to Six Figures Challenge: Day 13

The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 13

Welcome to The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 13!

The Six Figures Challenge is a challenge created by entrepreneur, TraVal Shanklin, to document his journey of earning six figures from scratch through business ownership.

Underestimating What It Takes

When people first start a business, they think they will be profitable for the first month. This may not be the case. For many business owners, it may take up to 2 years before they become profitable. Some businesses it’s longer than that.

If the business owners close up shop or give up before they strike gold, they will never strike gold. Usually you will face your toughest challenges before you start making money.

The challenges are there to weed the weak out. In business, it’s survival of the fittest. You must be continually thinking creatively and employing action to overcome the challenges you may face. Even when you aren’t getting the amount of customers you need to make payroll, you must persevere.

You aren’t the first to go through times like these and will not be the last. However, if you just give up, who are you helping. Quitters are never rewarded, fighters are. Do what you have to do to make your company profitable.

Test new ideas, revamp old ideas, and copy (to a certain extent) successful competitors. Once you are profitable, then you can think about super long-term. First, put food on the table by being as lean as possible.

People are counting on you. Never give in, never quit. Tweak and pivot until you find something that works.

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