The Road to Six Figures Challenge: Day 11

The Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 11

Welcome to the Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 11!

The Six Figures Challenge is a challenge created by entrepreneur, TraVal Shanklin, to document his journey of earning six figures from scratch through business ownership.

Weekly Progress

This week has been a pretty slow week business wise. I got my bank accounts set up for my businesses, so I can now officially separate my personal money from my business money. A client I have been talking to still signed the proposal for me to get started.

Hopefully, we can come to an agreement that benefits both parties. I’ve been testing out new proposals on Upwork, so I’ll see if that makes a difference on there. School was pretty hectic this week, so I didn’t have a chance to go to local businesses.

I feel like if I execute my plans I have for local businesses, my business revenue should cross $5,000 in the next few months. Thankfully, spring break is next week so I’ll get to put my plans in action.

I’m starting to use Buffer and Hootsuite more. Buffer is a little easier to use, but I feel like Hootsuite has more features.

Still working on my pricing structure as I’m doing discount to acquire more customer testimonials. Maybe highlighting a free consultation or a free Facebook page makeover by¬†Shanklin Technology will get a couple of customers.

With Entrepreneur Millionaire, I need to create some more designs for the shop and order more shirts. I have a couple of people to model, just need the shirts to come in.

Other ways to grow would be through Instagram Influencer Marketing. An example would be getting the IG page @millionaire_mentor to post about it. The people that follow him would come to my page and hopefully buy off of my website.

Thanks to spring break, this next week should be a better results week than this past week.

Thanks for reading the Road to Six Figures Challenge Day 11!

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