Some Changes to Entrepreneur Millionaire

Some Changes

Entrepreneur Millionaire turns 2 in November. I think it’s time for me to be more consistent in my posts and post creation, so I am making some changes to the site.

In the past, I would think of a topic and write about it whenever I felt like it. Now, I would like to enforce a schedule that requires me to make a particular post on every weekday. Any other post will just be an added benefit.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Every Monday: I will do a “What I learned..” post, since I read a lot over the weekends and usually have pages of notes from what I read. Not only that, I might talk about what I learned from a talk on YouTube, an interview, or a specific conversation with a person.
  • Every Tuesday: I will do a post called “5 Free Business Ideas…” to help those who may not have any ideas and want some inspiration.
  • Every Wednesday: All about execution and practical steps you can do today to either turn the ideas I have given you into an actual business or practical ways to improve your life.
  • Every Thursday: I will do a post talking about traits of entrepreneurs and millionaires. Mainly focusing on how you can improve on it.
  • Every Friday: A post about my upcoming goals for the next week or my reflections and progress on this past week. I may discuss plans for the next month, next 6 months, and year.

Since it is #GoalFriday, my goal for Entrepreneur Millionaire this upcoming week is to stick by this schedule I have created. Also, I’m working on this Fictional eBook which is about an entrepreneur and his struggles. Aiming for 5,000 words and completion by the end of September. I would like to finish the database on my other website The CEOs which features a database of Entrepreneurs, Founders, Chairmans, and CEOs contact information (e-mail address). That should be completed, hopefully, by early next week.

Thanks for the support. I hope that you can take part in my journey and create your own successful journey in the process.

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