5 Ways To Make $1000 A Week Without Leaving Your Home

In this article by Ginger and Forbes, she discusses 5 Ways To Make $1000 A Week Without Leaving Your Home.

5 Ways To Make $1000 A Week Without Leaving Your Home

$1000 a week may seem like a lot to earn as a side hustle.  However, it isn’t when you break it down into simple tasks that need to be completed with a dollar amount attached to it.

$1000 can be made in the following ways:

    • 4 products or services sold for $250 each
    • 10 products or services sold for $100 each
    • 2 products or services sold for $500 each
    • 5 products or services sold for $200 each

When you break it down into simpler terms that makes it easier to conceptualize then it’s time to go to work and decide how you’re going to make the extra money.

5 Ways To Make $1000 A Week Without Leaving Your Home

Pet Sitting

If you love pets this this option is a no brainer.  Pet sitters routinely charge $30-$75 per night to babysit pets for owners that are traveling out of town.  If you were to charge $50 per night for 5 pets over for 5 nights then you have $1250.  That’s just 5 nights of work.  If you wanted to limit yourself to 3 pets at one time over the course of 7 nights then you’d earn $1050.

Virtual Assistant

This is perhaps one of my favorite side hustles to recommend because the cost of entry is low and it harnesses skills you already have. In particular, virtual assistants who have experience in digital and email marketing are in high demand. If you know how to set up and monitor Facebook ads, create sales funnels, schedule social media posts, set up virtual summits and/or set up landing pages, then you can command upward of $80 an hour, all while working from home.

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Sell Gigs On Fiverr

5 Ways to Make $1000 A Week Without Leaving Your HomeIf you are able to write very quickly, you can get paid handsomely. Seriously. If you are able to knock out 400 words in 12 minutes or less, you can rack up a base rate of $25 per hour. Not too shabby. The key is to write high quality materials so your buyers will keep coming back.

There are many traffic generation software that you can use for a few minutes to promote clients’ sites. If the software doesn’t take much work to set up, you can make $5 for as little as a minute. That leads to a gross rate of $300 an hour.

Website Designer

If you’re savvy about this then this is an option that you can easily outsource on a site like Fiverr or Upwork.  Pay your contractors to complete the work while you collect the full fee from your customers.  This is the beauty of outsourcing.  Find someone to contract for the work to create more opportunities to earn because there’s only one of you but you can create a team to do what you do.  More money for all involved.

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Freelance Writer

Before you turn your nose up at the thought of making a living as a writer, I’d love for you to take a look at Holly Porter Johnson.  When I think of writers that are making a killing, she is it.  In fact, she’s all over the place and makes fantastic money doing it.  It’s evident that she loves the work and has proven quite savvy at making an awesome living for herself while freeing up the time to do the things she loves like spending time with her family.

Here’s what she has to say about her online writing business:

“When I started writing online content for profit in 2011, it took me one full year to replace the $40,000 I was earning at my day job. Within two years, I was earning six figures annually. Then, last year, I invoiced for more than $180,000 in freelance writing work. So far in 2016, I am on the path towards earning around $220,000 in freelancing and content creation alone – and that doesn’t include the income from my blog. All of this work has been done online and from the comfort of my own home.”  Holly Johnson, professional writer and owner of ClubThrifty.com.

Do these ideas spark new ways to make money?  I hope they do.  Keep in mind that you want to make money to create more streams of income outside of your place of employment.  In the event that falls through, at least you have this to fall back on while you figure things out.

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