6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online

Want to know how to make consistent money online? Well, follow our 6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online and basically guarantee your success.

6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online

1. Pick A Niche

Back in the day, you could create a general website and sell products and services to everyone and make good money. This is no longer the case. With millions of websites on the internet, to gain traction and increase your chances of reaching online business success, you must choose a niche.

I recommend choosing a niche you are passionate about and not just any niche you think you can make money in. Optimally, you want it to be a niche that you are passionate about and a niche where there is money in.

The 3 Most Popular Groups of Niches are the following:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Wealth

Of course, you want to narrow down one of those groups before you proceed to the next step. For example, instead of relationships you can focus on helping men build their self-confidence to attract beautiful women.

2. Find A Product That Solves A Problem

The next step is to identify a problem in the niche you have chosen. To be successful in business, you must solve a problem that people are willing to pay for.

Our website and products for example solve the problem of people wanting to start a successful business but don’t know where to start. We offer eBooks, Guides, and Courses [Coming Soon…] that provide solutions to this problem. In response, people are willing to spend money on our products to solve this problem for them.

6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online

If you don’t have your own products, you can also be an affiliate for products. You can use websites like ClickBank and JVZoo to find products in your niche that solve problems. This is how you can start making money quicker instead of building out your own products. However, know that you can make more money with your own products than promoting someone else’s.

3. Build A Simple, One Page Website

Once you have a niche and a product, the next step is to build out a one page website. You can use WordPress for this and purchase a domain and hosting for under $50.

I would either choose a free theme [if you’re on a tight budget] or purchase a good looking theme for your one page website. Make sure you have high quality photos and good copywriting as well since people are going to come to your website to see what you have to offer.

If you want to be extremely lean, you can create a landing page instead. With a landing page, you can have a lead magnet with a headline and an opt-in form for visitors to sign up to your email list. There are many different landing page builders out there, we personally use Thrive Architect.

4. Drive Traffic To Your One Page Website

Without traffic, it’s almost impossible to build a successful online business. Look at traffic as the blood of your business. You constantly want new people as well as existing people coming on to your website and potentially purchasing your products.

One of our favorite traffic sources is Facebook advertising. We specifically use FB Ads to drive targeted traffic to a landing page where we offer a freebie. To download the freebie, the visitor must enter their name and email.

With FB Ads, you can build an email list by spending as low as $5 per day if done correctly. 

6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online

5. Build Your Email List

As I said in step 3 of this formula, you must have a landing page to effectively build an email list. There are many reasons why you want to build an email list.

You must understand that many people aren’t going to purchase from you the first time they visit your website. However, if they have visited your website that means that they are somewhat interested in what you have to offer.

So, through email you can deliver more valuable content where they can get a feel for what you’re about. If they find your content valuable, some will spend money on your products for even more in-depth information.

You never want to be fully reliant on other platforms to make money. Those Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and Twitter followers can be taken away from you at anytime, your email list is yours.

6. Sell Additional Products and/or Services

To consistently make money online, you need to offer more than one product and service. The best way to go about this is to offer a product that is similar to the current product you are selling.

We recommend building out a sales funnel that can run on autopilot. A sales funnel is just a term used to describe taking someone from a prospect to a customer.

Having a sales funnel can make the difference in struggling to make ends meet in your online business and buying a S550 in cash.

6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online

This image above is an example of a sales funnel for an eBook.

Thanks for reading our 6 Step Formula To Making Consistent Money Online. If you want more business ideas, download our free guide here: 25 Six Figure Businesses You Can Start Today.

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