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Speed Up to $1,000,000

A majority of people are on the 40/40/40 plan. $40,000 per year for 40 years to retire on 40% of that. Its sickening to see so many people choose the first two routes of agony instead of speeding up and living up to their full potential.

$25,000 over 40 years is $1,000,000.

$50,000 over 20 years is $1,000,000.

$84,000 per month for 12 months is $1,000,000.

$250,000 per week for 4 weeks is $1,000,000

All four individuals earned $1,000,000, so why is the last person the wealthiest? Because he earned $1,000,000 the quickest.

The average person will earn over $1,000,000 in their lifetime, yet a majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck or not wealthy. Why is this? What it comes down to isĀ TIME.

When determining wealth, it is more about how fast you earn than how much you earn. Most people will earn $1,000,000 in their lifetime but if you speed up the $1,000,000 goal into 1 year, the differences in wealth is astonishing.

If you want to be wealthy, it is easier to speed up the process than working until your 65 to save up atleast $1 million. By the time you are 65, $1 million will not be enough for you to survive on, especially if you want to have a comfortable lifestyle doing the things that you want. My answer is to get as wealthy as fast as you can so you can have the freedom to live the life of your dreams. Put in the work today so you can reap the benefits tomorrow.

So how do you build wealth?

The first step is dreaming big. How much would you like to earn? $1,000,000 per year? $1,000,000 per month? $1,000,000 per week? It all starts with what you believe you can achieve. The only person that is stopping you is you. You are in competition with yourself, which include limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Remember, dream big because you will have less competition at the top. Write down your dreams clearly and set achievable goals for each one.

You might be thinking who actually earns over $1,000,000 per year. The majority of those earners are not the people you see in the entertainment industry or celebrities. Most of them are everyday business owners who are not famous, but earn in one year what most people earn over 40 years. Don’t be fooled by fame, their are other ways to become rich.

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