If there is one word that contributed to the success of every entrepreneur and entrepreneur millionaires that I have studied, it would be momentum.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs seem to be looking for “the secret formula,” when they should be focused on gaining one thing: Momentum.  Momentum is defined as “”

If you want to become great at anything, it requires momentum. Positive actions become habits by repeatedly doing little actions. Once you have a positive mindset and outlook on life, you can then look outward towards building a successful business. Success and momentum starts within.

Craig’s Momentum

Craig is completely tired of working as a laborer for only $20 per hour. For the amount of physical and mental toll he has to endure, he feels like he is being paid pennies. One day after work Craig decides to do some research on how he can make some extra money. He stumbles on a blog post that talks about selling items you no longer use on eBay.

To Craig, the process is pretty simple: take a couple of pictures of the item, write a good description, and have a good title. Craig sells his Playstation 4 since he no longer plays it and is working so much. He lists his Playstation 4 on eBay for millions of people to find. His item has sold within 2 weeks and the money is in holding in his Paypal account.

After receiving the money, Craig realizes that he enjoyed selling his Playstation 4 and now he looks for other items to sell online. Craig is essentially transferring momentum from his Playstation 4 sale to other items he would like to sell. Craig experiments by listing 6 different types of items for sale instead of listing one item.  3 of the items sell while the other 3 do not sell. Craig learns that every item will not sell on eBay and some items might even sell at a loss if you don’t pay attention to eBay and Paypal fees.

This goes on for about 2 months and Craig has about $1000 in his Paypal account while still working as a full-time laborer making around $1000 per week after taxes. Craig wants to eventually quit his full-time job and sell online full-time. Craig has a huge collection of Retro Air Jordans and is wondering how can he sell them online to make money.

Craig Makes Some Moves

He decides to take off work one day and visit different independent shoe stores who sell the Retro Air Jordans. Fortunately, after visiting 3 different independent shoe stores he finally gets one of the owners to give him a United States supplier of Retro Air Jordans. Craig contacts the supplier and works out a deal. The deal guarantees Craig will be able to get his hands on every release of Retro Air Jordans. Craig pays the supplier $450 a head of time to pre-order 2 different sizes of an upcoming pair of Retro Air Jordans.

The supplier ships the shoe to Craig and he lists both of them up for sale. Craig calculates that he will be making around $50 off of each shoe. He sees that he is making a gross profit margin of 20%. Craig keeps this up for around 2 years and is now making $60,000 per year. He is making more money selling shoes online than he is at his full-time job. Craig decides to quit and grow his online business full-time.

By building momentum, Craig freed himself from working for someone else and achieved the freedom he wanted. He never stopped growing, always taking it one step at a time and never rushing. Consistence, patience, and persistence are three traits that can lead you to the promised land of freedom. Craig started today and made something happen for himself.

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