How to Join the Affluent


Here is the first post on Entrepreneur Millionaire based on 500 pages of knowledge talking about how to become apart of the affluent.

The Affluent Class

To become apart of the affluent, owning a business is the greatest chance you have if you want over $3 million in a reasonable time. It helps if you start a business in an industry that is growing, but you can still make money in a dying industry.

One major key is having the determination to become successful without giving up on yourself. Although your business(es) may fail, by not doubting yourself one of your businesses will eventually take off if you are continuously learning and putting in the required time to make it a success.

The price of success can come at great sacrifice but will be worth it in the end. You may not be able to spend weekends with your family, you may not be able to go to the parties your friends are going to.

Master the art of delegation. Be on the look out for fraudulent people you have hired. Keep an eye on your money, some employees are careless when it comes to the systems you have put in place. Treat your employees with respect and never sleep with them.

Start today! A year from now you will wish that you had started a year earlier. Life is a fight, have no fear in the face of adversity. Build up your first stream of income, then diversify. Always be reinvesting in yourself and your businesses.

The world rewards those who are bold and brave when it comes to their goals. You can create your own luck, so don’t complain about being unlucky. Be the person who initiates things, not just letting “life” happen to them. Remember that the quest for affluence is nothing more than a game.

To have the energy to work the 12+ hour days within entrepreneurship, work out at least 3 times per week. Drink water and eat healthy foods. Also, try drinking green tea and meditating.

You Are in Control

Become a master negotiator. While you are in the process of learning how to become better at it, hire someone who is better than you. Stay in control, you make the final decisions. Make sure your team is on the same page with what you are wanting to gain from a negotiation, It sucks to have employees in high positions accidentally ask or negotiate the wrong terms because you wasn’t clear about what you wanted.

Come into meetings prepared and keep them short. Always do your homework and be the leader in important meetings.

Take a step back and enjoy the process of making money. Stay focused on how you can add value to other people and where to add it to. Ownership is key, so try to own 100% or somewhere close to it. The employees that are bringing massive amounts of revenue should be paid well with rewards and bonuses. The biggest promoter for your business is yourself.

Remove thoughts of laziness from your mind. Be consistent in working towards becoming affluent. Embrace the abundance mindset where there is no shortage of problems that you can solve and get rich by doing it.

Be in the business of selling and one where it grows by you adding more money instead of your talent to it. Give the market a product/service that is needed at a reduced price. Take advantage of a growing sector.

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