Your Statistical Odds Of Becoming Rich

Ever wondered what your chance is of becoming rich? Well, in this article, we discuss Your Statistical Odds Of Becoming Rich.

Your Statistical Odds Of Becoming Rich


According to statistics, more and more people are becoming rich off their own efforts and not through inheritance. This means that more people are going from “rags to riches” than ever before.

So, if you didn’t come from a rich family, you still have a chance of joining the rich in your lifetime. Whether you join them or stay poor & non-rich is completely up to you.

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Health plays a major role in your ability to become rich. Becoming rich requires a level of focus and stamina over a certain period of time.

Having poor health significantly impacts your ability to do this in a negative way. Also, having a mental handicap can also limit your ability to accumulate significant wealth.

Your Statistical Odds Of Becoming Rich


Your choice of profession can either decrease or increase your chance of becoming rich. Choosing a profession such as a school teacher or working in government will almost certainly limit how much wealth you accumulate.

You want to be able to control your income and how much money you are able to keep. The best way I know is to own an asset like a business where you control the amount of wealth you generate.


Lastly, there are many people who don’t desire to become wealthy. Just think of the people you’ve known throughout your life, how many of them were actually committed to getting rich?

Some people may talk about it, but without committed focus it’s unlikely to ever happen. I would argue less than 5% of people truly desire to become wealthy to the point of actually making it happen.

Your Statistical Odds Of Becoming Rich

Now, if you don’t fall on the negative side of any of the above categories, then your chance of becoming rich is actually pretty good, more like 1 in 40. If this number discourages you, then you can settle for being “comfortable” where you’ll have about a 1 in 5 chance of joining.

If this number is daunting to you, then you might as well give your dream of becoming rich and choose another goal, you’ll most likely not reach it anyway with that mindset. 

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