Dealing with Haters

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Haters come in many different shapes and sizes, here are some tips on how to handle haters.

Never Stop Being You

If you are being yourself and not anyone else, people are going to hate to try to get you to become someone else. Always listen to your heart and mind and view haters as you doing something right.

If you are trying to be successful, expect a ton of haters to attempt to slow you down on your road to success. The best thing to do is to ignore them unless they create a roadblock, which then you just run through them.

Remember, hating is less about you and more about them. Alex and John grew up together in the same poor neighborhood. They were close friends who did everything together up until high school.

Alex was tired of being poor and begin looking for ways to make money without dealing drugs. John begin to work at McDonald’s and dreamed of becoming a rapper. After gaining knowledge online and in books checked out from the local library, Alex decided to start an online business. John started working more and more hours at McDonald’s and expected to become a manager.

At the age of 22, Alex was running 2 successful companies and was occasionally featured in national newspapers. John was unfortunately laid off from his job and happened to open up one of the national papers Alex was featured in.

Now, John begin to apply to job after job without any luck but would watch CBS News every morning. One morning, Alex is being interviewed about his businesses he started when he was in high school.

The hate that has slowly built up is now starting to get to the levels where he can’t control it. On the show, Alex talks about coming back to his city to host a seminar on creating an online business. John decides that it will be the perfect time to do something hurtful to Alex.

Alex pulls up to the place on the night of the seminar in a positive mood. He parks a little far from the place to protect his car, a brand new Bentley Continental GTC. John spots Alex leaving his vehicle and decides to do damage to Alex’s Bentley. John busts the tires and keys the Bentley.

Haters can be Someone Close

Family, friends, co-workers, anyone can become a hater at any point of time so never be surprised when it is someone close to you.

I’ve had friends who I had been knowing for years who did some things that I determined as hating and dropped them. It hurts more when it is a close relative or friend. When I meet someone new, I like to be patient and view their words and more importantly their actions to determine if they are negative and pessimistic.

I surround myself with people who are optimistic for the future. My compadres also have goals they want to achieve.

Constructive Criticism or Criticizing

It’s up to you to determine if they are offering constructive criticism or are they just criticizing. If someone is really trying to help you, they will tell you what they truly think and offer feedback on what you can improve in.

The people I have been friends with for years are the people I listen to. Also, the people who have proven themselves to me are the ones I listen to. Usually, they can sense when I am doing something out of line and tell me that I am out of line.

When it comes to ideas and goals, the people who I keep close to me support me and if they disagree with one of my ideas, they tell me why and how I can improve my idea in their opinion. Of course, I make my own decisions but that’s the difference between constructive criticism and criticizing.

Should you Respond?

Sometimes it’s hard not to respond to what a hater says. Trust me, just wait like a day or two and see if their comments are still worthy of a response.

95% of the time it isn’t. Waiting a day or two removes most of the emotion from your decision to respond or not. Acting on emotion is dangerous. It can cause you to make decisions that you will regret later.

Understand that hating is more about them than about you. It is better to ignore than to respond to a person who can brush off all of their negativity on you.

The Best Response

If businessmen Dr. Boyce Watkins and Earl G. Graves Sr. would have listened to all of their haters and hateful comments, they would have never seen the successes they have had.

Haters want to distract you from achieving your goals. One of the best ways to respond to hating is to keep succeeding. Understanding that it comes with the territory allows you to recognize that you should focus more on becoming more successful than responding to haters.

It’s all apart of one big game called Life. Either you can follow your dreams by not caring about what haters say or you can let haters dictate your life. The choice is yours.

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