Why Black Kids Choose Athletics

As a kid, I always wondered how some people seemed to be naturally gifted at certain things, while others struggled.

Why were some kids great at athletics, but struggled in the classroom?

How come I labeled a smart kid from Pre-K all the way up to college? Why were some of my friends labeled below average?

There could be multiple reasons why some of my friends and I were labeled different things.

Hard Work in Athletics?

I had an unfair advantage with genes and my parents reinforcing the importance of education. I think achieving success at a young age helped me the most.

Humans are competitive in nature. And I wanted to become the best in my class. At my school, girls were mainly the smart ones. The boys focused more on sports than in the classroom.

I loved taking on challenges, so I challenged myself to not only become the top boy in my classes but also become the top kid in my classes. As I would study, I would keep my goal in mind and think about the feeling of success I experienced on a smaller scale.

Many of my friends on the other hand never attempted to compete in the classroom, but they were great at athletics. Not wanting to lose any of my friends and due to my personal enjoyment of athletics as well, I began to think of ways to become great at both.

Thankfully, my mom supported my athletic pursuits, but made it known that school and learning in general always came first. I began to study and do homework right after school, then play basketball until the streetlights came on. If I didn’t finish my homework or finish studying before playing basketball, I would go back at it until I completed it. If my homework was complete, I would play video games like any other kid.

My friends were taking full responsibility when it came to athletics, but neglected their academic pursuits. They placed all of their hard work in a dream that many young kids have, because of the media that they see on television.

If I would have known about successful entrepreneurs when I was a kid, I would have gave up my dream of becoming a professional basketball player sooner than I did.


Many kids choose to be different from their parents, but pick the wrong route. Most of their family members are living average lives and may not be happy. Hell, some maybe even struggling to get by. What can you do when all you see is struggle?

How many Black children have an uncle who owns nice cars? How many Black children know someone who lives in a big house? What percentage of black children have successful mentors?

Most Black kids who come from nothing aren’t exposed to successful people. Or relatives that are well off and own nice things. They only people children know of are the people they see on YouTube and television. Celebrities, Basketball Players, Baseball Players, and Football Players fit this description.

The Black business role models are failing this younger generation. Black parents are not mentioning entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship should be a buzz word in every Black family.

This is why many Black kids want to become professional athletes. If there were more stories on television and YouTube about Black people becoming successful through business and buying nice things along the way, more Black kids would be interested in entrepreneurship.

The exposure to entrepreneurship is no there. Black kids need access to positive role models. The role models with a mission to help young children succeed. Black children will follow those that look like them. TV shows and movies feature Black men and women as drug dealers and slaves.

Black men and women should choose to become business owners. Then, they should gain an amount of fame of some sort to draw young Black kids. Black kids will begin to follow their path instead of the path of athletics.

Humans are materialistic in nature. To get and keep the kids interested you would have to show off some cars. A house or two and maybe some expensive watches will pique their interest. Show them that it is okay to be materialistic when you can AFFORD to and that you should never spend more than you earn.

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