4 Ways Basketball Helped Me in Business

By playing basketball from 1st grade up to now, I learned 4 things that help me in business today.


Playing basketball as a hobby from 1st grade up to now has allowed me to develop the ability to focus. When I started to take basketball serious, I began to become pretty good at focusing on the task at hand and not letting distractions get to me.

For example, I would come home from school and do my homework as quickly as possible so I could have the maximum amount of time to go hoop.

You can guess that basketball took a big part of my time as a kid. Learning how to focus and eliminate distractions helps me focus as a businessman today.

When I would be playing basketball, I wouldn’t be focusing on other things like getting a girl’s number. My attention would be on putting the basketball through the net.

In business, it is important to remove the distractions of checking social media, watching YouTube videos, and checking e-mail all day.


Kobe knew that he wanted to become a professional basketball player, so he began to watch hours of Michael Jordan to become a better player.

Growing up if I seen a move in a basketball game on television, I would go outside and practice it. After practicing it until I felt comfortable enough to perform it, I would try the move on my friends.

I learned how to dissect successful players moves and apply their moves to my game. I carry the same approach with business.

Instead of reinventing the wheel completely, I follow the successful individuals and what they have accomplished and apply some of their business concepts within my own.


Like the phrase “teamwork makes the dreamwork,” you can never be successful if you do not play as a team.

Same rules apply within a business. If you are not giving your employees chances to shine or not giving them credit where credit is do, chances are they will leave you.

In basketball, no one likes a “ball hog” who doesn’t pass the ball and gives his teammates a chance of scoring.

They may have some players on your team who are getting overlooked because they aren’t given the chance of succeeding.


One of the most important things I learned was that not only is practice important, but it may be the most important part of any endeavor you undertake. Without practice you cannot become better at what you do.

When I was younger, I was an average shooter but wanted to become better than my peers. SO I would shoot at least 200 shots per day to improve my form and become a better shooter.

A couple months later, I noticed big improvements in the accuracy of my shot. Since I was practicing everyday, I knew that I would become a better shooter eventually.

Also, don’t practice just to practice. You should have focus within your practice so you can become better at different skills.

In business, if you want to become a better copywriter you should be practicing by writing every single day. If you miss a day, you should double up on the next day.

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