Entrepreneur Characteristics

entrepreneur characteristics

Here are Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Responsibility – taking ownership in getting tasks done
  • Persistence – seeing things all the way through
  • Health – having the physical and mental stamina
  • Initiative – not being afraid to act first and take charge in times of need
  • Vigor – having unlimited vitality to succeed
  • Originality – creating ideas and new things
  • Creativity – having the initiative to explore new areas
  • Critical Sense – making intelligent decisions through comparison
  • Analytical Sense – making intelligent decisions through practical and abstract terms
  • Sociability – getting along with others in any type of setting
  • Cooperation – working with other individuals constructively
  • Tactfulness – keeping discomforting statements to yourself
  • Cheerfulness – staying positive during the struggles
  • Consideration – appreciating the value of other people’s time and money
  • Personal Relations – getting along with close friends and family
  • Emotional Stability – being mature enough to hold it together
  • Cautiousness – assessing the risk before jumping in head first
  • Oral Communication – speaking in a way that is understandable and succinct
  • Verbal Communication – listening and absorbing words from other people
  • Written Communication – writing in a way that is understandable and succinct

Knowledge of producing goods and services using technology. Applying technology in ways that benefit your business. Knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. A natural self-starter that takes action without people telling you to. Leading others in the good times and the bad times. Developing a plan and making things happen. Willing to work hard and long to achieve your goals. Making quick decisions based on the knowledge you have at hand. Making your mind to do it and following through until it is finished. Having enough energy and stamina to reach your goals. Knowing that you might lose money with your business. Expecting to work at least 12 hour days to make your business successful.


If you can have most of these characteristics you greatly increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are some of advantages of becoming self-employed. A high degree of economic freedom is an important factor and something you won’t find if you are working for someone. Although people think economic security is found through a job, true economic security comes from owning your own business where you can’t be fired. If you are good at assessing risk, the profit that comes from business ownership can potentially be huge. When people start their own businesses, they often gain a sense of fulfillment, a positive attitude, and an improved self-image.

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