How to Have Unlimited Power Part 1

How to Have Unlimited Power Part 1

This post is called How to Have Unlimited Power Part 1, based on the book by Tony Robbins called “Unlimited Power.”

The Power

Broke at 22, Millionaire by 25 with a castle by the sea. Tony Robbins is a “life success coach dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. A self-made multi-millionaire that many people look up to as a mentor and as a teacher. In a list form, here is important ideas from the book

  • One of the largest sources of power is specialized knowledge. Knowing this, information is important but is not enough.
  • All Successful People take action.
  • Success leaves clues.
  • Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.
  • Ultimate Success Formula
    • Define exactly what you want
    • Then, take action
  • The 7 traits of successful individuals: Passion, Belief, Strategy, Clarity of Values, Energy, Bonding Power, and Mastery of Communication.
  • Must believe you can get what you want. Utilize the resources you have in the most effective way.
  • Try your best to spend a majority of your time in a positive mental state.
  • Be willing to change and adapt.
  • Ultimate Power is “the ability to act.” The ability to produce the results you desire, while creating value for others.
  • Communication is also a form of power.
    • Internal: feelings
    • External: physical actions
  • To become successful, model others. Find people who have the success you crave and model them.
  • To model, read everything you can about them, study their beliefs, and model their strategies.
  • Through the process of modeling, you should start to develop your own patterns and strategies.
  • Preparation + Opportunity = Success.

Your Belief System

  • When someone is not having the success they want, it usually could be their belief system.
  • Remove “can’t” from your vocabulary. Successful people became rich, because they believed they could be rich.
  • Adapt positive beliefs to your life such as: “I am rich. I am happy. I am free. Everything is abundant. I am successful.”
  • You foster beliefs through
    • Environment
    • Events
    • Knowledge
    • Past Results
    • Experiencing results in advance
  • Amplify your positive beliefs & feelings, while simultaneously reducing negative beliefs and feelings.
  • Success Beliefs
    • Everything happens for a reason. Let it serve you, think in terms of possibilities.
    • No such thing as failure, only results. Avoid dwelling.
    • No matter what happens, always take responsibility.
    • You don’t have to understand everything to put it to use. Model to save time.
    • People are your greatest resource.
    • Work is play.
    • Success never comes without commitment. W.I.T. – Successful people have a whatever it takes attitude.

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