If You Know Tech

know tech

Here’s an idea if you have grown up within the tech revolution or just know tech.

Managed IT Services

You can start a Managed IT Services company while you are in college or as a side hustle. Basically, you are helping people and companies install hardware/software, then charge for this service. Many Managed IT Services Companies have a recurring revenue model where you monitor and or be on call when IT problems arise.

Your first customers can be family members and relatives as you build your reputation. Get testimonials from them to use on your website, business cards, and any other promotional material you may have. Once you get a company as your customer, look into filing for a LLC and registering your company’s name.

Even though you may be young and or new, when working for small/medium sized businesses, don’t undercharge. Charge as if you have years of experience and 20 employees. Combating on price alone can lead to your company not being profitable enough.

Know as much as you can about the hardware/software you are installing and or servicing. Be prepared to answer any questions your customers may have.

In the beginning, you really don’t need an actual office. UPS let’s you use their address for a reasonable price. You should spend most of your time trying to find new clients and keeping your existing clients happy.

Here are some cheap tools that can help you in regards to business management/growth:

Accounting Software

  • FreshBooks or QuickBooks

Expense Software

  • Expensify or Concur

Web Hosting

  • Bluehost or Namecheap

Inbound Marketing(SEO)

  • Positionly or Moz

Email Marketing

Project Management

  • Basecamp, Trello, or Asana

Team Communication

  • Slack or HipChat

Customer Resource Management

  • Salesforce or Infusionsoft

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