10 Habits Keeping You Broke

In no particular order, here are

10 Habits Keeping You Broke

10 Habits Keeping You Broke

1. Watching too much TV

I understand, you come home from work and you’re tired. You’re trying to relax and decompress from stress built up throughout the day. So, you turn on your favorite TV show Empire and sit back on your couch sipping a beer. You say to yourself that you are going to only watch 1 show, but before you know it that 1 show turns into 3. Now, you re getting sleepy and before you go to sleep you wonder where all of your time went.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with watching TV. The problem lies when you complain about not having the time to create another income source or follow your dreams. In actuality, a majority of us have the time, we just choose to waste it on trivial things.

What if you limit yourself to 1 episode, then work on your side hustle. Or maybe reward yourself by watching a couple of episodes after reaching a milestone with your side hustle.

2. You have no helpful morning routine

It’s 6:00 AM and your alarm starts to go off, instead of waking up you hit the snooze button. Once you finally get up, you are running late and in a rush to get to work. At work, you might be slightly grouchy because you felt like you didn’t get enough sleep. So you count down the hours until you get off from work.

The problem with this routine is that it’s hard to be successful with it. Without some form of a helpful routine, its hard to achieve the success you want to achieve.

An example of a helpful routine would be to start by forcing yourself to wake up as soon as your alarm go off. Once your alarm goes off, you read a couple of scriptures to start the day off right. Then, you drink a bottle of water and maybe take a shower to fully wake up you body. In the shower, you visualize what you want to achieve today and maybe in the future. You get out of the shower, write down your goals, grab breakfast, then head to work.

3. Not Working Enough

Let’s be honest, some of you are pushing 40 hours at your day job and barely pushing 2 hours per week at your side hustle. I’m not saying to match the amount of time, I’m saying to invest more time if you can. Your never know what could happen.

Your side hustle could replace your full-time income. If you are partially working on it, you’re at a disadvantage. There are people focusing a majority of their time on their side hustle and are able to create the life they want.

My question to you is: How bad do you want it?

4. Spend more than you make

If you’re not at the very least paying close attention to how much you’re spending, that’s a problem. Successful people always spend less than they make. So, if you have no idea how much you are spending per month you can be spending more than you make.

If you spend more than you make, you can never become rich. You will most likely always live paycheck to paycheck and may be in debt. Remember to focus on two sides of the equation: Increasing income and reducing expenses.

5. You wish and hope

Hooping and wishing for $2 million dollars to magically come into fruition is a time waster. You may have even written down your goals and came up with a plan to achieve it. The easy part si out of the way.

The hard part is putting the plan into ACTION DAILY and CONSISTENTLY. There is no other way. There are no shortcuts. You know the sayings. You can get rich quick(5-7 years depending on your definition of rich), but it will never be easy.

6. Unrealistic

Some of you are unrealistic about how quickly you can make $1 million dollars. Once you have the proper mindset and work ethic, you do increase your chances drastically. However, give yourself time to grow into a million dollar person.

What I mean by that is enjoy the process. We all want it quick, but you may not be ready to make $1 million dollars. Anything less than 5 years can kill your inspiration and motivation if you aren’t meeting those unrealistic goals. You never know, a $1 million dollar door may close along the way to open up a $10 million dollar door. Like what the great coach, John Wooden said, “Be quick but don’t hurry.”

7. You talk too much

When I’m surrounded by people, I like to listen instead of talk. Sometimes I catch myself talking too much, so I start asking questions instead. It’s hard to learn something when you are talking or thinking about your response.

Learn how to actually listen to what people are saying. If you have an immediate response, you are not fully listening to them. Process what they are saying and learn from every person you meet.

8. Doing enough to get by

In arguably the most competitive society in the world, what’s going to set you apart? People had the same business idea as you and your products have similar features as theirs. You are competing for the same customer.

Going the extra mile will take you along way in business and in life. From sending hand written postcards on your customers birthdays to holding gatherings with your top customers. Any extra value you can think of, provide it. It can be the difference between a repeat customer or a customer who goes with a competitor.

9. You hang around negative people

Every idea you have gets shot down by that one person. Some of your ideas may be horrible, but every idea? Guard your inner circle like your life depends on it. Negativity can sap the energy from you like a blood thirsty vampire.

Your friends do not have to be positive all the time. When you are pursuing big goals like becoming a millionaire before 28, then you need to take a closer look at who you hang around. Maybe connect with businessmen who have already became millionaires. They act different, it may be just what you need to take yourself to the next level.

10. You’re a quitter

Your mom told you that you can’t start a business, you need to get a job. You listened to her and gave up on your dreams so she can be proud of you. The problem is that you will never be happy, because that’s not what you want to do.

You crave the freedom of not having a boss, of being independent. To you, a job is the opposite of freedom. So why would you give up on your dreams that easily? Maybe you weren’t making the progress you thought you was going to make. The truth is that you didn’t think it would be that difficult to start that business. Now, you have quit when someone was going to give you a buyout offer the month after. Never give up. Never surrender, the gold may be just over this hump you’re experiencing.

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