How To Make $1 Million Before Graduation

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Here are 5 ways to make a million before you graduate college. Let’s say you are just starting college which means you have on average four years to make your first million. This equals $250,000 per year.

1. Become an Uberpreneur

Assuming you have a four door car and get approved as a driver for Uber, you can make an unlimited amount of money. To make the most amount of money, you should have a business that you promote to people you pick up. For example, if you happen to own a jewelry business you should have jewelry from your business within the car so the potential customer can view it. Essentially, you are getting paid double. Once for being an Uber driver, and twice if the person becomes a customer of your business. Also, you are marketing for free since you just have to have some form of representation of your business present.


2. Publish Kindle eBooks

Research a niche and write multiple eBooks on the niche to generate profits. Build your copywriting skills and come up with a great title. Model after other successful Kindle authors such as Steve Scott. You should also create excellent hooks for your books, have quality content, hire magnificent cover designers, engage with the people who buy your book, build an email list. Also, you should focus on at least one social media site to promote your work and one platform outside of Amazon. Consistency and persistence is key.


3. Sell Physical Products

Chris Brisson was an underclassman in college when he started selling replica rims to customers online. In his first year he did $250,000 in revenue, by getting the rim at a wholesale price which was $500 and selling them for $1500. To make even more money, he would package the wheels and tires together and sell them as a package deal. Since he was still in college, he hired a drop shipping company to ship the rims and tires for him. When you are first starting out it is better to focus on one specific product then see how you can add more value to your existing customers.


4. Create Niche Sites

A ton of people are making money online through niche sites. For your site, you should be offering readers content not found elsewhere, be highly specific, and maintain a consistent tone. Make sure your content is really useful. Once you are seen as loyal and trustworthy in your niche, it is easier to charge for something of extra value. For example, some blogs are charging a couple of dollars each month for daily emails. Other individuals are asking for contributions through sites such as Patreon, a crowd funding website that allow individuals to give donations to creators and artists.


5. Partner up with Joint Ventures

One way of making $250,000 per year for four years is through joint ventures. You can either help create the product, help sell the product, or both. Some people focus on helping other people sell their products and in return, get a percentage of the sales. Some skills you could develop if you want to be successful include: the ability to create a successful launch, knowing how to drive traffic, and the ability to network with other successful individuals. If you can partner up with an expert on a particular subject, the product would be pretty much taken care of and you can focus your time and energy on building buzz around the product.

Remember the only way you can achieve your goal of $1,000,000 is to TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!

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