Stop Acting Like a Zombie

stop acting like a zombie

Know What You Want

If you have no idea what you want out of life, you aren’t living up to your best potential. Technically, you are a walking zombie who is not living at all.

Think about it, how can you honestly say that you are living when you don’t even know what you want out of life. People are dying everyday with the regret of not living.

Do not be one of those people. Start today by taking some time to think about some goals you want to achieve.

Some of your goals may be making $10,000 per month without a 9-5, losing 20 pounds, marrying a beautiful woman. Once you have your goals written down in a place you can see them everyday, you are already better than the 97% of Americans who don’t write down theirs.

It is too expensive to not have your goals written down. According to Forbes, a study asked Harvard Graduate Students about goal setting and 3% of students had their goals written down, 13% of the students said they had goals but not written down while 84% had no goals.

The three groups were interviewed again after 10 years and can you guess what happened?

The 13% of students with goals but in their head earned double what the 84% of students earned. The 3% of students with their goals written down earned as nearly as 10 times of the other 97% combined.

Moral of the story: Determine what you want to achieve out of life, write it down, and look at it everyday. You have already completed 50% of you mission to stop acting like a zombie.

Stop Acting Like a Zombie

Be specific when writing down your goals. Yes, you want to earn $10,000 per month but without a deadline, you have noting that will push you to action.

Wanting to earn $10,000 per month within six months is specific enough to make you want to actually put the work in.

Always be realistic when it comes to setting your goals. Making $1,000,000 in two months is a pipe dream that will give you better chances by playing the lottery or powerball.

At the same time, have the balance of not selling yourself short. Believe that you can actually achieve it and have a plan that will take you there.


Zombies Fail to Take Action

Use your goals as guiding points of a life well lived. Hopefully you have written down many goals to represent your entire life.

The next step is to think about how you are going to achieve your goals.

If your goal is to earn $10,000 per month. Think about ways you can add more value.
Consider using the 10×10 formula to achieve this goal.

  • Find something(service/product) you can sell at a $10 profit.
  • Sell that product/service 10 times and you have $100.
  • Reinvest a portion of each $100 by promoting your product/service until you have $1000
  • Take a portion of the $1000 and scale your product/service by hiring someone to work for you
  • Leverage their talent and your talent until your business is making $10,000.

Keep faith and believe in yourself, you never know what you can achieve.
There you have it. Now apply what you have learned and stop acting like a zombie.

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