How To Create Value And Become Wealthy

The amount of money you make is tied directly to how much value you give to others. In other words, create more value for other people and in return you will become wealthy. In this article, we show you How To Create Value And Become Wealthy.

How To Create Value And Become Wealthy

Create Products & Services That Satisfies People’s Wants And Needs

Most people don’t know what they want until you communicate to them the value you are providing. One route you can take is to create innovative solutions. This include innovative products that caters to the wants and needs people didn’t know they had.

Think about Uber. Before Uber, people would call a taxi or get a family or a friend to drive them. Uber came in and completely changed the ride catching concept. Instead of having to ask people for a ride, you can now take 30 seconds and order a ride from your phone.

They took an age old problem and created a new solution. Now, they are a billion dollar company. Millions, billions of people will have the want or need to catch a ride at some point in their life, Uber solved this need.

You don’t necessarily have to create an entirely innovative product. You just have to have a solution that differentiates itself from other solutions in one way or another. It can be a small change, however, make sure you communicate to the marketplace what makes your product stand out and how it provides more value to the customer.

How To Create Value And Become Wealthy

Solve More Problems

Another way to create value is to solve problems. The quickest way to get paid is to solve a problem that you know for a fact people have.

For example, let’s say you are apart of a Facebook group with small business owners and you see many of them complaining about sales. Now, you have been using Facebook advertising for a while and know how to generate sales [or know someone who can] through Facebook advertising.

You now have a problem: small business owners struggling to increase their sales. And a solution: A Facebook Advertising formula that has been proven to work. All you have to do is reach out or showcase to the small business owners that you can solve their problem.

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Remember, you always want to be differentiating you products and services in some fashion. One way to do this is through an offer that is irresistible.

Just think about all of the different problems in the world. How many solutions can you provide to these problems? Pick one problem, one solution then follow the advice in the next section of this post.

Capture Most Or All Of The Value You Create

In order for you to become wealthy in the quickest way possible, you must be able to capture most or all of the value you provide. If you’re working for someone else, your employer will be capturing most of the value.

For example, if you come up with a new solution to a problem, who has control over the solution. In most companies, the employer has control so you’ll still be getting paid the same amount of money while your employer makes bank off your solution.

This why you want to be in a position to capture the value you create. I know of no better position than owning the company that creates the value. Take the last example, if one of your employees creates a solution now you are the one who has control over the solution.

How To Create Value And Become Wealthy

You can give your employee a bonus if you wish, while you and your company makes bank. Moral of the story: Always be in a position where you can capture the value you or your employees create. This is how you become wealthy in a short amount of time.

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