Beat the College & Corporate Trap to Get Rich

This article is an excerpt from our eBook, How To Program Your Mind For Entrepreneurialism. In this article, we discuss how to Beat the College & Corporate Trap to Get Rich.

Beat the College & Corporate Trap to Get Rich

The Scam

Colleges, Universities, & Corporations today are getting rich from this system called the college/corporate trap. Parents are telling high school students to go to college and incur massive amounts of debt to get a job they more than likely won’t like.

The corporations on the other hand waive a paycheck with “benefits” in front of their faces while making it extremely difficult to have a life outside of work. If you think about it, those who are in the corporate world spend more time working than with their family.

People who are in the corporate trap are brainwashed to believe that working for yourself is less secure than working in the corporate world. The truth is that in the corporate world you’re just a number and the corporations will fire you one morning and hire someone to take your place that afternoon.

It doesn’t get any more black and white than that. There is no sense of security working in the corporate environment, matter of fact, if you aren’t the one who owns the business then you have no security at all.

Beat the College & Corporate Trap to Get Rich

The Student Loan Trap

Part of the corporate trap is student loan debt. By making you believe that a college degree is required for you to be successful and making it easy for you to take out thousands of dollars of loans, you are then forced to work a job you don’t like just to pay back your student loans.

Now, college in itself is not a bad thing, however, many college students don’t play the college game the most effective way. If you are going to college and taking out thousands of dollars of loans and majoring in something like history you’re playing the college game totally wrong and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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Majoring in a STEM field or going to college to be a doctor gives a college student who has student loan debt a greater chance of paying the debt off. The reality of the situation is that student loan debt cannot be discharged during a bankruptcy and stays with you forever until you pay it off, is forgiven [in rare cases], or you die.

What you don’t want to do is major in a field where the average income compared to your student loan debt will take more than 10 years to pay off.

Many parents and society are telling students that getting good grades = a good life. The truth is that getting good grades in college does not equate to a life of abundance; it usually leads to a life of mediocrity. College curriculum across the United States and the world currently does not teach college students how to make money and work for themselves. Even the courses on business and entrepreneurship can be so theoretical and outdated that students are better off utilizing YouTube University to start a business.

Assets Are The Key

There are many successful entrepreneurs who were average college students in terms of grades and some even dropped out or never stepped foot on a college campus. The way you think and the actions you take will determine if you will become successful or not, not a college degree.

The only way to beat the corporate trap is to create and purchase assets that provide more than enough money for you to live the life you want to live. By working in the corporate world you will find out quickly that you are easily replaceable, spend more time working than with family, and seem to never have enough money at the end of the month.

Beat the College & Corporate Trap to Get Rich

This is all apart of the corporate trap to keep you enslaved. The great news is that once you are aware of the corporate trap you know how to escape it, all you have to do is change your mindset and begin investing in yourself and in assets that produce income without you having to actively work for it.

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