7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

With any business, email marketing is going to be one of the best return on investments. Once you have an email list, you literally have a personal ATM machine at your fingertips. In this article, we’re going to give you 7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing.

7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

1. Be True To Yourself

There are multiple businesses that in the same niche as you. you must decide what is going to set yourself apart from the other. The best way to set yourself apart is to be yourself. This means to create emails in your voice and be honest with your audience.

People value authenticity. Plus, being authentic can actually grow your business faster because people will trust you more and may purchase from you more often.

2. Send More Value Emails Than Promotional Emails

I like to keep the ratio at around 2 to 1. Usually, I’ll send 2 value emails then 1 promotional email. Remember, you run a business so never feel bad for sending a promotional email.

However, at the same time, you want to provide value to your audience. Your audience will appreciate the valuable emails  you send them and increase the chance of them purchasing form your promotional emails.

3. Send Emails Regularly

You want to email your list on a regular basis. For me, I email my list at least 3 times per week. You want to always be at the forefront of your subscriber mind.

Many successful businesses email their subscribers more than once per day. I’m not saying you have to send out emails that often, but you do need to be sending out emails on a regular basis.

7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

4. Only Promote High Quality Products

This should go without saying. Whenever you are promoting products to your list, you want to make sure they are high quality products.

Trash products will not only cause your subscribers to unsubscribe it can also cause your reputation to decline. A reputation is hard to build but easy to destroy. Focus on promoting high quality products, and your list will reward you for it.

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5. Avoid Spamming Your List

Even if you are in the mail marketing business to make money, you should never spam your list. See my point above about sending out more value content than promotional content.

By adding value to your subscribers, your subscribers will more often purchase from you multiple times. Respect your list and your list will respect you. Remember, at the end of the day you are still emailing people.

6. Speak To Your Niche

When writing emails and copy to your list, you need to be able to relate to them. I always recommend people choose a business they are passionate about because it is easier to display that passion through copy.

Once you speaking to your niche in an effective way, growing your list becomes easier as well as selling products to your list. You’ll know what your subscribers want, therefore, you can sell it to them.

7. Build A Relationship With Your List

Building a relationship with your list is not as hard as you may think. Doing things like recommending free resources and sending out surveys are just a few of the many ways to build a relationship.

7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Build a relationship will also result in more open, more clicks, and a higher click through rate than not having a relationship. Think of different ways you can build a relationship, it pays off tremendously.

Thanks for reading 7 Tips for Successful Email Marketing. If you’re interested in starting your own business, download our free guide here: 25 Six Figure Businesses You Can Start Today.

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