Entrepreneur Millionaire Ideas May 28th, 2016

ideas May 28th

Ideas May 28th, 2016

Here are some Entrepreneur Millionaire ideas May 28th, 2016. Enjoy!

Mentoring App

An app where a person can download it and ask for specialized knowledge from mentors. The mentors would likely want to be paid for their knowledge, but you can get around this by interviewing them.

In the interviews, you can go in depth and ask for specific knowledge in their field. For example, if the mentor owns a marketing firm. You can interview him and ask him questions about marketing, how to start your own marketing firm, etc. From there, you can collect the audio and either transcribe it and put it on your app under marketing or leave it in it’s original video form.

Fictional eBooks about Black Millionaires

Instead of writing fictional content that talks about Blacks being drug dealers and involved in illegal activities, why not create stories about Blacks building legitimate businesses and empires.

It’s time for a change, I’m personally tired of seeing the old stereotypes that makes Black people look like they don’t have the knowledge or even ability to start a successful business from scratch without doing anything illegal. Yes, your eBooks might be fictional, but some people are unknowingly taking this information to heart.

If you have Black teens reading your books, they are already seeing the media showcase them as unfit to run legitimate enterprises. Why would you add fuel to the fire? You have the power to make a difference in young people’s lives, why waste the opportunity for a couple of bucks.

Micro-loan Business

If you have a little money saved up or are one of the few people to have access to capital, you can set up a micro-loan business. You can offer small loans to people who have a business plan and the drive to make their business a success.

In return you can have a stake in their business and offer assistance in connecting them to the right people. As Black people, we should be working together in unity to bring our entire race to the top. This includes us helping our competitors out if they are also Black owners and offering to extend our hand to those who would like to start their own businesses.

A Black Collective

Instead of immediately voting Republican or Democratic, why not come together as a group and vote for the party that promises to do the most for Black people.

Nearly 400 years later after the ending of slavery, we are still behind in every important statistic there is. We are behind in education, wealth, business ownership, and unemployment rates. It is time to close the gap by advancing our agenda economically and politically.

Tracking Band for Kids

I remember as a kid getting lost in Wal-Mart and being frightened out of this world. What if you could create a band that is unbreakable and could only be taken off by the person who puts it on.

For example, let’s say the mother and father of a 3 year old kid place your tracking band on their kid. Wi the the tracking band, they are the only ones that can take it off an they will always know where their kid is at since it connects directly to their app from anywhere. If the kid gets kidnapped, you can easily find the kid due to the band and the app.

There you have it? Entrepreneur Millionaire ideas May 28th, 2016.

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