Entrepreneur Millionaire Ideas May 25th, 2016

ideas May 25th

Ideas May 25th, 2016

Here are a couple of ideas May 25th, 2016 from Entrepreneur Millionaire. Enjoy!

College Car Leasing Company

Some college students would like to have a car during their semesters in college, especially if they are away from home. What if you can fulfill this need by offering economical cars to college students on a per semester basis. For example, if Mike needs a car for the fall and spring semester, you offer him a reasonable price for those two semesters only and he turns the car back in after the spring semester is over.

Getting insurance for the cars and offering them to college students would be the biggest risks. Maybe look into getting the college students’ parents to cosign on the lease like an apartment. An insurance policy of at least $1 million would probably be the way to go, finding the right insurance company that will offer you that may be difficult.

Uber for Coupes or Exotic Cars

I notice for Uber you can’t register a car unless it is at least a four door. Sometimes, especially when it is just me, I would like to ride in a coupe such as a Camaro, Challenger, Corvette, Mustang, and any other two door vehicle. As a driver you would probably have less matches, but you can still make money and meet new people.

Maybe look into offering incentives for people to ride in two-door coupes over four doors. Also, I, personally would pay extra to ride in a Lamborghini when I can’t or don’t want to drive my own car. Insurance will play a major role and finding enough customers to make the business economically viable would be a challenge.

Black Public Speaker Network

Become a highly paid expert at public speaking and create a network of public speakers who use your training and knowledge in the industry to become successful.

A Virtual Reality Life

Similar to The Sims and other life simulation games, I was thinking about a game that utilizes the technology of virtual reality such as, Oculus Rift, to create a game based on real life.

For example, a person starts off as a kid and has to make everyday decisions such as studying or playing basketball with friends. As the kid grows up, you can choose to get a job at the local stores in the computer generated city or accepting the risks of creating your own job.

Once the teen becomes an adult, you can choose to go to college or skip college altogether. Other things you can include are: rent/mortgage payments from your apartment/house, starting a family, having laws in place that penalizes the people who break them by sending them to jail, being able to drive in cars and buy luxury items.

An Inbox Magazine

An Inbox Magazine based on your topic of choosing. You create a website that offers valuable content in this case would be a digital magazine that comes to the customer’s inbox.

You can either offer free content and charge like $2.99 per month for the magazine or offer the digital magazine for free and charge for ads within the digital magazine. Check out Early To Rise to see an example. They offer a free e-mail subscription service and have sponsored e-mails which promotes products.

There you have it, Entrepreneur Millionaire Ideas May 25th, 2016.

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