Entrepreneur Millionaire Ideas May 27th, 2016

ideas May 27th

Ideas May 27th, 2016

Here are a couple of ideas May 27th, 2016 from Entrepreneur Millionaire. Enjoy!

Drone Food Service for College Students

Commercial drones are least 1-2 years off due to federal government regulation, but expect to see hundreds of companies take advantage of them after they are allowed to fly from city to city. I was thinking what if you can create a a delivery food service for college kids who want a home cooked meal but are too far away from their families.

Being a college student, I sometimes want a meal from my family but since I do not feel like driving two hours away to pick it up, the service could come in handy. I could definitely convince my parents to pay for it, especially if I can receive the meal in a couple of hours timely manner.

Apartment Payment Plan

At LSU and at many other Universities, students have a fee bill where the money they get from school can be directly applied to their on-campus housing. When they move off-campus, the student is then disbursed their total amount and has to pay rent every month or possibly write a check for their Apartment.

What if you can come up with an easier solution by allowing students to place their off-campus living on their fee bill, so they can pay for up to 5 months, since fee bills are given out quarterly. It would make it easier for students to keep their expenses in one place.

Vitamin Delivery Service

They may already have this but what if there was a way to track if you run out of vitamins and send a you a bottle when you do.

For example, Sally buys a bottle of vitamin c’s with 30 tablets in them. Sally pays a monthly subscription fee of $15, so when she starts to get low, she is automatically sent another bottle of vitamin c’s.

Super Smart Watch

There are many different smart watches coming into the market, as the wearable industry grows. How about a smart watch that has a camera and has the ability to display holographic images on your skin.

Many companies are coming up with patents fro technology like this, so you should hurry up and patent an idea of this nature if you have a different perspective on how it could work. I’m imagining being able to type phone numbers on your hand, watching videos with holographic items.

Maybe even a fully holographic smart watch.

Ironing Service

Some people would like their clothes ironed quickly, so how about starting a ironing service. There are many business and non-business people alike that are required to look sharp everyday, but dread to have to iron, especially when the dryer isn’t doing the job.

If you target wealthy individuals, you can charge more if you are quick and reliable. Think about some ways you can reach more people, such as special discounts if you refer other people or something like that.

There you have it? Entrepreneur Millionaire ideas May 27th, 2016.

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