2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers

If you have started a business and don’t have any customers, then you have a hobby and not a business. Every business owner wants to convert more of the people who are interested in their products and services. So, in this article we breakdown 2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers.

Think about the people who see your advertisements, may even debate with themselves about your products/services, but never purchase from you. Well, there are a few things you can do to get those people off the fence and on your buyer’s list.

2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers

1. Take Your Offer & Improve It

Brainstorm different ways you can tweak your current offers. Lets say you are currently running an offer where someone gets 70% off one of your eBooks. Maybe run an offer where they can get a free eBook and just have to pay for shipping.

Test different offers. You may be surprised by which offer actually converts the highest. Also, if you are running paid advertisements make sure you are constantly testing different creatives and audiences. One creative may work better with one audience than another and vice versa.

For your sales page, you also want to be testing different headlines and copywriting. Sometimes, a headline change can make a significant difference in the amount of conversions you have on your sales page. In other words, test everything.

2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers

2. Follow Up More

One of the best things you can do to increase the amount of customers you have is to follow up more. By implementing simple follow ups, you can literally increase the amount of sales you’re getting by upwards of 25%.

Understand that most people aren’t going to buy from you the 1st time they see one of your ads or come to your website. This is why you must be employing certain methods to follow up with people on a consistent basis.

One method you can use is make it easy for someone to sign up to your email list. This can be done by having pop-up when someone lands on your website, when someone leaves your website, or even having a floating bar when someone is scrolling on your website. The goal is to collect as many names and email addresses as possible. To build an email list faster, offer some form of a freebie [eBook, Free Video Training, etc.]

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You can then begin emailing those individuals that signed up to your email list valuable content and promotional content on a regular basis. This will build a relationship and build trust between you and the prospects on your list. Once you understand the buyer’s cycle, you’ll understand why it’s important to follow up with your prospects constantly.

To supercharge your follow-ups, you can also run retargeting ads to people that have either seen your ads or been to your website but didn’t purchase. Your return on ad spend is usually significantly higher when you are targeting a warm audience instead of a cold audience. This is because these individuals have already seen your ads or clicked onto your website, so they have a higher chance of purchasing from you in the future.

2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers

Apply these 2 methods and increase the amount of sales you are making from your products and services.

Thanks for reading 2 Proven Methods To Convert More Customers.

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