Words Mean Nothing

Words Mean Nothing

Words mean nothing without your actions behind them. It’s easy to say you’re going to do this and you’re going to do that. Actually doing what you say is the hard part.

Here are some ways to make what you say reality.

1. Set Lower Expectations

You tell everyone you want to make six figures and they ask you how. If you don’t have some type of plan, you dreaming.

If you do have a plan, is it realistic? How long will it take you to make six figures? If you haven’t made a dime yet, expecting to make six figures in 3 months is highly unrealistic.

You may be able to make it your first year depending on your work ethic and your ability to adapt and reinvest your profits. It’s a ton of factors that play in to achieving that goal.

What works for me is setting a goal that is realistic, yet still intriguing enough to keep me highly motivated.

Saying you are going to make six figures is great, but then you have to do the work. Telling people is a double edged sword.

The good thing is that people can hold you accountable for what you say. Make sure you mean every word and will work day in and day out to make it happen.

2. Audit Your Time

Keep track of how you spend your time for a week. If you are telling people you are going to make six figures in a year, how much time do you think that will take?

For tracking time, I usually stick to the basics and either use a planner, pen and paper, or a simple daily calendar.

Your daily habits should reflect a person that is making six figures per year. Even if you have a full-time job, you should be asking yourself certain questions to align your words with your actions.

Questions such as:

  •     How much time am I dedicating to my business per week?
  •     Am I utilizing my free time effectively?
  •     How much money have I made this week through my business?
  •     What ways can I become more productive when working?

Always be searching for new ways to become more productive and streamline your business and side hustles.

3. Believing What You Say

Many people say things for attention and do not actually believe what they say. It’s a major problem in this generation where we see everyone posting pics of other people’s exotic cars and homes.

This blog is meant to motivate only, I don’t fake like I won this or I own that or know everything about business. I’m a life long learner and apply the things that I learn to help me to continue to provide value to you guys.

Talking about topics like these motivate me as well. All in all, I believe everything I put out on my social media pages and I apply.

Once you actually believe you can achieve something, you spend a majority of your time working towards that.

Believe you can achieve your goals, then go to work.

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