The Ideal Business To Start in 2021

The Ideal Business To Start in 2021


How You Can Build A Highly Profitable, Low Overhead Business From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.


Hey Future Entrepreneur Millionaires,


How would you like to wake up on your own time and no longer have to answer to anyone?


Go from working a job you hate to being financially free working for yourself.


Increase your income while you're on vacation or spending time with family?


I have some exciting news for you…


If you want to build a profitable business from the comfort of your own home on a topic you're passionate about then you’re in the right place.


Why Is An Email Newsletter The Ideal Business To Start?

✅  Immediate Monetization - Through affiliate products and your own products you can monetize from the beginning.
✅  Location Independent - You can run an email newsletter from anywhere you have an internet connection and a laptop.
✅  Low Overhead - No need to hire hundreds of employees, you can get started with yourself and freelancers.
✅  Can Start Part-Time - You can start your newsletter while you have a job.
✅  Scalable - Scaling your newsletter is as simple as increasing the number of your subscribers.
✅  Can Start With A Little Amount Of Money - You can start an email newsletter with as little as $100.
✅  Unlimited Monetization Options - With a newsletter, there are unlimited possibilities on what you can sell you subscribers.
✅  Multiple Streams of Income - Think of each new product or service you sell as its own stream of income.
✅  Passive Income - Running an email newsletter doesn't take 12 hours per day. You can schedule your newsletters in advance.
✅  Can Be Built Around Your Lifestyle - The income from your newsletter is not tied to the amount of hours you work; it's tied to the amount of subscribers and how often you email them.


Here's What You'll Get  ⬇️

A 14 Day Email Course which consists of the following:


〰️  Day 1: Why You Should Start An Email Newsletter


〰️  Day 2: Choosing The Topic For Your Email Newsletter


〰️  Day 3: Buying The Domain Name And Hosting


〰️  Day 4: Creating Your Landing Page


〰️  Day 5: Optional: Creating A Lead Magnet


〰️  Day 6: Choosing An Email Autoresponder


〰️  Day 7: How To Get Email Subscribers


〰️  Day 8: The FB Ad Formula For Exponentially Growing Your List


〰️  Day 9: How To Monetize Your Email Newsletter


〰️  Day 10: Selling Other People's Products And Services


〰️  Day 11: Creating Your Own Products And Services


〰️  Day 12: Selling Advertising Space In Your Email Newsletter


〰️  Day 13: The Hybrid Approach


〰️  Day 14: Summary And What To Do Next


〰️  BONUS: Downloadable Checklist Of Everything You Need To Start A Profitable Newsletter

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Katera W.


This newsletter course has given me a different outlook on ways to build a business.

Brian B.


I started two businesses that failed, then I randomly decided to start a newsletter. EM's course has taught me how to create a profitable business.